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Cal Mag Plant Nutrient - Quart

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    Cal Mag, short for Calcium Magnesium, is the top nutrient for promoting plant growth. Calcium gives your plants strong stems and full leaves.Magnesium is the essential element in chlorophyll which gives plants their green color.

    Midas Products Cal Mag Supplement lets you say goodbye to weak and nutrient deficient plants making it an essential part of any grower’s kit.

    Midas Products brings you a Quart sized Cal Mag Supplement in liquid form; easy to measure and easy to apply!

    Our safe and secure Cal Mag should be applied at all stages of growing to ensure the best results possible.

    Our Cal Mag can be used with any grow system, soil, aeroponics, aquaponics and of course, hydroponics.

    Product Details

    1. For Best Use

    • Shake bottle well before use.
    • Follow label directions for proper amounts.
    • Apply plant food directly to the soil around your plants.
    • Apply directly to the soil every 10-14 days.

    2. FAQS

    Will I see results from giving my plants liquid nutrients?

    Absolutely! Your plants will look healthier and more robust after only a few applications. The results are incredible!

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