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Microgreen Growing Mats - 8 Pack

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    Midas Hydro offers a 100% biodegradable seed starter mat, made to fit with any 1020 size growing tray.

    Our Microgreen Mats come in packs of eight with each mat having a multiple-year shelf life!

    In the event that your Microgreen Mats become dried out, simply soaking these hyper absorbent mats in water for a couple of minutes will bring them back to life. Store in a cool and dark place.

    Midas Hydro Microgreen Mats are the best solution for growing organic plants indoors. Grow your favorite herbs, greens, and even mini-hot peppers!


    Trays and Domes not included

    Product Details

    1. For Best Use

    • First soak the mat in water for 1-2 minutes, ensuring the mat is completely covered.
    • Drain excess water but make sure the mat is still completely wet.
    • Spread seeds across the mat. For seeds requiring nutrients, apply at this stage.
    • Cover the mat until the greens are ready (Timing will vary depending on seed type).
    • If the greens are looking dry, spray with MidasHydroRooting Mist or water for a hydration boost.

    2. FAQS

    Are these mats reusable?

    No, these mats are not reusable.

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