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Rooting Hormone Cubes for Cloning - 3...

Midas Hydro Rooting Cubes are the perfect medium to grow your cuttings and clones into a beautiful collection of plants and vegetation. Watch as...
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Cloning Products
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Rooting Hormone - Root Promoter Bundle

A Serious Bundle for a Serious Grower Save over 10% with our Midas Hydro Grower’s Bundle. Everything you need to get the best results...
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Root Promoter Spray - 8oz

With Midas Hydro Promoter Spray your clones and cuttings will never again wither due to dehydration. Our spray gives the moisture and nutrients you...
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Cloning Products
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Rooting Gel - 4oz

Our Midas Hydro Rooting Gel is infused with the hormone, IBA (indole-3-butyric acid). The most reliable on the market, this hormone helps your plants...
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