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Needing to maximize yields is crucial and cloning is a huge part of that.


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The right growing medium is crucial to the success of your roots. Get all the right growing medium here.


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This rooting gel made my perennial propagation plan 100% SUCCESSFUL. NO losses. For my first try, it was super easy to use, and now I feel like a professional. Highly recommend. When my purchase is all used I will definitely be ordering More. And more.


Previously I tried to root cuttings in a perfect potting mix, kept them moist, protected from full sun, etc. They seemed okay for a couple of weeks, then they all shriveled up and died. I used this product, followed all the same procedures, and after a short time the plants took off. Ready to go into the garden now!

B. Klein

Thought my plants were in trouble. Fan leaves were yellowing more and more each day. Searched on line and found out I may have a mineral deficiency. The yellowing stopped after the first application and now all plants are thriving couldn't be happier with the results.

Frank M

I absolutely swear by this product for all my Korean imported succulents. They come in with little to no roots at all. With this product I put it on as soon as they come in and give them 2 weeks in water therapy and they’re ready to be planted with new established roots! I’ve tried other powders with no such luck but this gel is a game changer and really easy to use.

Stephan P.

I used this on a cutting from an old rose bush I want to save by reproducing it. After some time, we see that the end of the cutting has some small green leaves, so it looks as if it is coming along, and we'll give credit to the extra boost from this hormone mist.Updates as we are able to see more growth!

UCA Lady