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Starter Trays & Dome - 3 Pack

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    • 1020 Plant Trays for Seed Starter Kit: Extra sturdy plant trays and humidity domes for plant growth project! These cloning trays and clone domes are reusable and can easily be moved during different stages of plant growth.
    • Microgreens Growing Tray and Dome - These Microgreens trays and domes are 1.8 mm in thickness. The humidity dome is 7.5 inch tall and our 1020 propagation trays can hold upwards of 40 lbs!
    • Humidty Dome with Humidty Control! Adjustable vents allow you to be in charge of how humid your microgreens or clones get. Our starter tray with dome is extremely resistant to high temps and will keep your microgreens safe.
    • Plant Trays for Indoors No Holes - No leaking, loss of nutrients or need to put another tray underneath our microgreen trays. No more losing seeds in our seed starter tray and no more mess!


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