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1020 Microgreen Trays

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    • 1021 Plant Trays for Seed Starter Kit - Extra sturdy plant trays for any plant growth project! These cloning trays are reusable and can easily be moved during different stages of plant growth.
    • Seed Starter Trays - Incredibly durable and able to hold over 40 pounds. Upgrade from cheap trays that break on you or sag with weight.
    • Plant Trays with No Holes - Trays that wont leak or let moisture out. This makes our trays perfect to use with a humidity dome or by themselves to foster a perfect growing environment.
    • Money Back Guarantee! Shop with confidence because if you don't love our seedling starter trays and humidity domes with vents we will happily refund you. Our 24 hour customer service staff will be happy to answer any questions you have about microgreens, rooting plants and cloning.

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